About Us

About Us

The Orientation Committee is a student organization whose purpose is to support a smooth orientation for all incoming freshmen.

We plan orientation events that welcome freshmen into the UTokyo community. Our activities include:

  • planning and hosting “Circle orientation”, an event where clubs (circles) will be recruiting new members and a chance for all freshmen to search a circle of their interest;
  • publishing “Tsuchi-oto”, an information booklet on student life at Komaba;
  • collecting the expenses/fee for autonomous student organizations from incoming freshmen.


Room 103, Building A, Campus Plaza, 3-8-1, Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 153-8902

※ As whom it may concern may not be at the Committee room, please make an appointment before you visit.

  • TEL 03-5454-6983
  • FAX 03-3466-1865
  • E-mail oc@xa103.net (For spam prevention, we have added an x in the e-mail address. Please exclude the x before you send.)

※ Those who are members of circles and are in charge of recruitment, as well as representatives of class orientation, please send your inquiries through our web system.