Upon Circle Recruitment

The following are rules concerning on-campus freshman recruitment, in order to protect freshmen from hazardous activities.
Please keep in mind that during the freshmen recruitment period, your intentions and preference should be respected at all times and that you have the right to choose.

1. About Personal Information

In order to make your circle/student organization-choosing a fulfilling one, please make sure that you manage your own personal information.
Choosing whether or not to offer your contact information to circles is completely up to your choice. If necessary, you may ask to delete your contact information.
We prohibit any form of infrared data communication and incoming freshmen from presenting QR code containing their contact information to circles during the recruitment period.
In order to prevent personal information from spreading within the incoming freshmen, we also advise the circles to provide an individual input form for each person, rather than having a spreadsheet etc..
We also recommend that you contact the circle/student organization using the information provided on this website or on “Tsuchi-Oto”. Preparing new contact information (by creating a new email address etc.) for the recruitment period is also an effective way to prevent unnecessary personal information leakage.

2. About Dangerous Organizations and Brainwashing

In the past, there have been recruitment activities by dangerous cult organizations on campus at the University of Tokyo.
During the circle recruitment period, recruitment activities by these organizations will increase, targeting freshmen who are still not yet used to the new environment.
Being caught by such organizations may bring you harm. Please make sure that you make a sensible judgement upon recruitment.

Cult organization’s methods

  • Invitation to seminars, study groups, as well as asking you to answer questionnaires
  • Excessive praise
  • Treating you to meals and the excessive giving of goods, in order to make you feel indebted
  • Repetitively asking you two-choice questions and leading you to a desired (by the organization) yet wrong conclusion
  • Excessive contact by phone and mail
  • Taking you to other places such as restaurants after a small talk
  • Taking you to enclosed spaces such as an apartment room
  • Asking you not to talk about their organization to your friends and family
  • Negating the significance of university of classes or your relationships, leading you to social isolation

3. About Alcohol

In the past, there have been student deaths due to alcohol during the circle recruitment period.
Alcohol consumption can weaken your judgement, making it easier for you to make rash decisions. Any alcohol consumption throughout the circle recruitment process is prohibited.
Please note that this applies to both circle members and freshmen of all ages.