Guide to Circle Searching


“Tsuchi-Oto” is a booklet published by the Orientation Committee every year.
It has all the information necessary for incoming freshmen regarding the campus life at Komaba, and includes the list of and brief information on over 400 circles/student organizations.
All the circles are being categorized, so it will be easy for you to compare and choose a circle that may fit your wants and needs using this.

Built-in Search Engine

This website has a built-in search engine that allows you to browse circles that are being registered under the Committee and read detailed information on each of them.

Electronic Flyers

You will be able to browse through flyers of each circle/student organization online at the end of March. Please wait as we prepare the page.

Circle Orientation

Circle orientation is to be held after the guidance session.
For further information, please click here.
This event is a chance for you to have a face-to-face talk with members of circles/student organizations and get a feel of the circle.
The attendance is optional, but we highly recommend that you go and visit.


“Komaba Walker” is a booklet distributed upon the admission procedures. It has room allocation maps so we recommend that you bring this with you on the day of circle orientation.
We also suggest you read this prior to the event so that you know which circles’ booths to visit.