Membership Payment for Autonomous Student Organizations (“学生諸団体会費一括納入”)

About the Payment Deadline

The deadline for membership payment for autonomous student organizations (“学生諸団体会費一括納入“)was March 20 (Fri.) However, we have extended the deadline until March 23 (Mon.) — kindly please make a payment as soon as possible.
For payment after March 24 (Tue.) , please bring the cash with you and make a payment on the day of admission procedures.

What is “学生諸団体会費一括納入”?

“学生諸団体会費一括納入” is a payment we have freshmen make to the Orientation Committee and consists of payments to 5 different autonomous student organizations.
This procedure is separated from the University of Tokyo’s official admission procedures and is not mandatory. However, in order to participate in some certain students’ organizations and activities, you need to make this payment –– please take a look at “東京大学学生諸団体会費目録” which is enclosed with other documents that are needed for the admission procedure in an envelope sent to you at the beginning of March.

Breakdown of 学生諸団体会費:

  • 学生自治会費(Student Council (“Gakusei Jichikai”, “学生自治会“) Fee) ¥4,000-/2 years
  • 学友会費(Student Association (“Gakuyukai”, “学友会“) Fee) ¥5,000-/2 years
  • 学生会館運営費(Student Hall (“Gakusei-Kaikan”, “学生会館“) Operating Cost) ¥4,000-/4 years
  • 駒場祭運営費 (Komaba Festival Operating Cost) ¥2,500-
  • オリエンテーション経費 (Orientation-related Fee) ¥1,500-

学生諸団体会費 (Total): ¥17,000-

Payment Period

March 11, 2020 (Wed.) – March 20, 2020 (Fri.)

Payment Method

Please go to your local post office and use the “振込取扱票” which has been sent to you to make the payment.

  1. Please make your payment of ¥17,000- during the above period and receive your “振替振込請求書兼受領書” (the receipt).
  2. Please attach your “振替払込請求書兼受領書” to the designated place on the “領収書及び領収書控” which is enclosed in the envelope.
  3. Please write your department, applicant number, and name on the “領収書及び領収書控”. Note that there are two sections for you to fill in the aforementioned items.
  4. Please bring the “領収証及び領収証控” to the admission procedure day, which is either March 26th (for Natural Science students) or 27th (for Humanities and Social Science students).

About Repayment and Exemption

Those who have not entered the University of Tokyo, those who have dropped out, and those who have been exempted from tuition payment are eligible for repayment and exemption.
For more information, please take a look at the back page of “学生諸団体会費一括納入手続要項”.


Q. I’d like more information on the payment.

A. Kindly please refer to “東京大学学生諸団体会費目録”. If you would like to have more information, please contact the respective student organizations.

Q. Is the payment required?

A. The payment is arbitrary. It is not required for your admission to the University of Tokyo. However, we had 98% of freshmen make the payment last year. Please note that if you do not make the payment, you might be excluded from certain student activities.

Q. The “領収証および領収証控” is not enclosed in the envelope I have received.

A. That is our ineptitude, please let us apologize. Please bring the 受領証 that you are given by the post office to the Procedural day. Please tell us your situation, and we will immediately give you a『領収証および領収証控』.

Q. The payment paper is not enclosed in the envelope I have received.

A. That is our ineptitude, please let us apologize. On March 26th or the 27th, (26th for Natural Science students, 27th for Humanities and Social Science students) please bring the documents and ¥17,000- in cash.

Q. Another document is not enclosed in the envelope I have received.

A. We are sorry. Please feel free to contact us.

Q. Is it possible to use an ATM machine to make the payment?

A. Kindly please go to the reception desk of a bank or a post office for payment. However, if you cannot make payment at either place because of certain circumstances etc., it is also possible to use an ATM machine. If you use an ATM machine to make the payment, please paste the bank statement on “領収書控” and bring it on the day of procedures.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.